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In the age of digital disruptors, it’s often the idea that sparks big-picture change and innovation. We’ve worked with some truly amazing clients across all fields, yet no matter the industry or the mission at hand, one of our favorite services remains digital Ideation. This is an incredibly exciting stage for our clients, and we jump at the opportunity to think through new products or business process solutions will accelerate their business and leapfrog the competition. While it’s an exhilarating time, it’s also a vital moment for our team of strategists, technical designers, and development technologists to generate impactful ideas with direction and purpose.

To do so, we filter your ideas that could wreak havoc or incur cost, and help you refine your best and most practical ideas to shape them into a requirements definition that is ready to bring to a production team.

Logo Design & Corporate Identity

A logo is not a brand, and a corporate identity is not a logo. However, a logo serves as the cornerstone for both brand and identity. It’s a recognizable emblem, symbol, or flag that’s specific to the brand. This is why having a logo developed by a talented, experienced, and professional team of designers is critical, which is exactly what we have at Straplabs.
Consider the logos of the top brands, such as Apple and Coca-Cola: they’re unique, speak to the brand’s ideals, and serve to set them apart from their competitors. We can assist you in creating a logo that is as well-designed and thought-out as your company.

ATL & BTL Advertising

As the trends of ATL Advertising are lowering down with the emerge of “idea-oriented” start-ups, the shift towards BTL Advertising is getting weighted. The ‘Big Bang’ explosion of social media with cheaper ‘internet’ rates has made us dive deep into customer’s search behavior where we as Digital Media Agency places your brand with an effective strategy according to ‘that’ behavior.

Though we understand that ATL Advertising Services, can reach a larger audience but they are more expensive.

These tactics enable the clients’ to reach their targeted audience very precisely as the narrowed down approach marks the advertisement directly according to the search behavior. Though we understand that ATL Advertising is more ‘reach-ous’ but it’s more expensive and doesn’t have a narrowed approach towards targeting but BTL has. BTL Advertising takes benefits from the ‘Virtual World’ where people have shifted and are gradually adapting to the 5 inches rather than ‘Big Screens’.

Product & Packaging Design

According to eye-tracking study, the average shopper reads less than 7 words during a typical shopping trip. Instead, we buy based on color, shape, and local familiarity. The top brands create items and packaging that immediately activate the reptile brain, which makes judgments based on emotion rather than logic. To be effective, product and packaging design must stand out, be simple, understandable to a 5-year-old, elicit emotion, and be able to produce memorable assets using the brand’s themes. 

Our creative team at Straplabs can develop goods and packaging for you that take these variables into account, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

Creative PR

There are so many brands and things that need to be communicated to consumers nowadays, but the majority of the communication is bland and basic. The only way to be effective is to be innovative and inventive, two qualities that Straplabs has in spades. 

We can handle your brand’s public relations through both traditional and digital channels, ensuring that you communicate effectively and are prepared to respond to any scenario that arises in a timely and socially responsible manner.



We Design & Develop Creative Digital Strategies For You

We create digital ideas that are bigger, bolder, braver and better. We are believe in good ideas flexibility and precission.

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Connect with millions in the largest business network. Help you achieve goals.

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Connect with millions in the largest business network. Help you achieve goals.

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